During the past 30 years, Richmont has planned and executed more than 340 deals, in the U.S. and internationally. Represented in these transactions have been a wide scope of businesses, from retail to consumer goods to international trading to manufacturing to finance, to name a few. The Richmont team’s involvement has included strategic planning, investment, partnerships, equity positions, and direct management. We understand that every deal is unique. Using our own proprietary techniques, we determine how to have the most positive impact for stakeholders.

Over a 30-year period, Richmont’s investments delivered a 92% compounded internal rate of return and a 42.7 times multiple of cash returned, generating more than $36 billion of total value.

Among many others, our transactions have included:

Realpage Inc., a major provider of services to large residential rental properties, which recently conducted a highly successful initial public offering and has a market value in excess of $2 billion.

AL International/Youngevity/Javalution Coffee Company: Richmont became an alliance partner with Javalution Coffee Company, a successful producer and roaster of multiple coffee brands for retail and commercial channels. Richmont later became a significant equity holder in the company, which recently merged with Youngevity Essential Life Sciences, a fast-growing direct sales company which is part of publicly-held AL International.

Dirt Devil: Richmont was a significant equity holder and guided this well-known brand to major revenue increases and an eventual sale;

G4S Secure Solutions: Richmont became an owner when the company was primarily a producer of pepper spray and protective vests for law enforcement personnel; the company grew rapidly to become a multi-billion dollar, global defense and security company. It was successfully sold to British Aerospace.

Jameson Bank: Mr. Rochon is a member of the board and an investor in this Schedule One Canadian bank.

Mary Kay Inc.: Global cosmetics company; Mr. Rochon was the author of its successful LBO; with Mr. Rochon as chairman, it expanded to 37 countries worldwide, became a leading Internet commerce engine and grew to become a multi-billion dollar direct sales business.

Avon Products, Inc.: Richmont was a major equity holder in this global direct sales company and influenced a strategic re-set which ultimately led to significant growth.

Rochon Premium Brands: A line of gourmet products hand selected by Mr. Rochon. Each product a “Gold Standard” in its category. For more information, please visit http://www.johnrochon.com

JRJR Networks: A public company of which John Rochon became chairman and majority shareholder in September of 2013. JRJR Networks is a growing group of micro-enterprise companies which combine relationship-based selling of products and services directly to consumers with a “consumer cloud” of social connections, all of which are linked in a virtual community of friendship and commerce. In the JRJR Networks strategy, companies which join JRJR Networks keep their individual brand identities, while gaining advantages as part of a public company umbrella and achieving operational efficiencies in areas such as distribution, information technology and “back office” support. During the course of 2013, The Longaberger Company, Your Inspiration At Home, Tomboy Tools and Agel Enterprises became part of JRJR Networks and several additional companies signed letters of intent to do so.